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User-friendly, Manageable and Secured Data Storage Solutions

Change your Current Paper-Records into Easily Accessible and Secured Electronic Records

Medical Billing LLC is specialized in extracting, analyzing and converting your current clinical data into more simplified and improved electronic records, thus providing you better space and more time to grow your practice. Our services encompass a full spectrum of medical specialities and are customized according to the unique requirements of each end-user and do not create any hassle in your regular workflow. You can easily access your old-patient data in a more organized, customized and meaningful way.

Instantly Searchable and Streamlined Patient Records

In contrast to the data archives which store old data in one tedious PDF, Medical Billing LLC keeps your old records integrated. Your clinical data is stored in an organized format; Patient Information, PDFs’, Scans and Images. Patients’ information is structured and stored in an organized format and you can search any old patient’s information by First Name, Last Name, SSN or a combination of all these.

  • Demographics
  • Medications
  • Patient History
  • Lab results
  • Scanned Items
  • Procedures
  • Allergies
  • Problem List
  • Vital Signs
  • Immunization
  • Images
  • Encounter Notes

Access Your Stored Information, Any Time, Anywhere

  • Set-up, installed, managed and supervised by Medical Billing LLC
  • Diverse end-users including physicians, staff, patients, insurance providers can simultaneously view the stored data from various locations
  • Transfer and print patients’ charts, PDFs’ and images

Data Security

Needed stringent measures are taken to restrain any type of intrusion or violation to the data. We inhibit any unofficial and unapproved access to your data by using physically secured servers, 128 bit encryption and HTTPS protocols.

Our intact and streamlined data storage system avails you multiple benefits like:

  • Speedy Access to Legacy Data
  • Enhanced Work Efficiency
  • Cloud-based and Easily Searchable Data
  • Quick and Cost-Effective
  • Enhanced Patient-care
  • Systematic Formatting
  • Heightens Business and Clinical Intelligence
  • Ready-to-use Data