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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it appropriate and wise to tie-up with a medical billing company for my billing processes?
    Industry-pro’s are of the view that it is not only wise but also beneficial for your medical practice as it gives you more time to concentrate on your bottom line and core capabilities like providing quality care to the patients. And with Medical Billing LLC you start capturing money in a much less time.
  2. Who is Medical Billing LLC and what is your focus?
    Medical Billing LLC is the industry-leader in providing medical billing services to the physicians and healthcare facilities. We help the medical care providers to improvise their cash flow, present definite claims for timely insurance reimbursements and lessen overhead costs thus minimizing their stress related with coding operations and medical billing.
  3. What makes Medical Billing LLC different from other medical billing companies?
    Our savvy billing experts are best known in the industry to enhance the physician’s reimbursements. We always make it sure that our ICD-9 and CPT codes are up to the mark which is a pre-requisite to collect accurate patient demographics which in turn helps in accurate data entry. We are a detail-oriented company with constant follow-up services. We keep in touch with your insurance companies to keep a track of your money. Along with that, we have appointed certified and expert coders to achieve the performance standards that we have set for ourselves.
  4. What services do you provide for?
    We offer customized and cloud-based medical billing and practice management services which boost up cash flow, revenue and efficiency through well-organised procedures involving; Electronic Processing, healthcare Clearing House and Medical Billing Software integration which in turn automatize the billing operations.
  5. What do you charge for your services?
    We charge you a percentage of revenue collected. But we do not get paid unless you are paid. The percentage charged varies according to the size, volume, speciality, interface capabilities and customized services provided to the clients.
  6. How can I access the performance of Medical Billing LLC?
    We will provide you a monthly report package containing a detailed report of practice’s billings and collections. Account receivable report or A/R report will be a document in the package through which you can correctly access our performance. We also provide for 120-days A/R benchmarks with the help of which you can make a comparison between us and national average of your speciality. Other reports included in the package would be; practice analysis, patient and insurance outstanding detail. We can also provide customized reports according to your special needs and requirements.
  7. What do you need from our Medical practice to start-up?
    To get started with, you need to complete and send us the registration forms sent to you in the welcome packet. You need to provide us with all the information regarding your practice and the insurance companies you participate with. Meanwhile you receive your electronic provider numbers; we will process your claims through papers.
  8. How will you handle my administrative functions?
    In order to streamline your administrative functions, our billing experts will handle and supervise all of your workload from claim submission, coding to patient billing and provide your business with heightened cash flow. You no longer have to keep an eye over your in-house billing staff. Medical Billing LLC will not only hire, train and supervise your billing staff but also help your front desk to accurately collect and obtain demographic information to ease and help the billing process.
  9. Do I have to turn over the full control of all billing and money to Medical Billing LLC?
    No, you need not to have any doubts. You will always have an absolute control over your billing and money. You will continue to receive all of your checks and EOB’s. You only need to send us a copy of patients’ checks for posting payments to the patients’ accounts. You will have definite control over your billing through professional and certified billing personnel.
  10. What arrangements do you make to process claims?
    If needed, we will upgrade your patient registration forms, financial agreements, super bills and daily balance sheets. In order to capture current and correct information about your patients’ insurances, we will also co-ordinate with your front desk.
  11. What services does Medical Billing LLC offer to manage the revenue cycle?
    We offer highly specialized and quality revenue cycle management services. We provide for early stage as well as delinquent account collection. Our billing experts diligently handle commercial insurances and private pay-accounts as well. Our experts are benchmarked against strict client standards and follow proper collection practices to ensure highest level of collection.
  12. What kind of follow-up services do you provide?
    We print and mail out your patient-statements. Patient statements are processed weekly and unpaid statements, with reminder to make payment, are automatically sent after 30 days. After receiving EOB; we follow-up on denials and rejections. Each claim is processed until it is paid or a justified reason for non-payment is given.
  13. What procedures do you follow if the patients do not pay?
    We make regular phone calls and send them three statements with payment demand or dunning notices and a collection letter. If the patients still not pay after these efforts, we propose to transfer their account either to a collection agency or an attorney. We also help in this transfer and track the results as well.
  14. How does Medical Billing LLC process claims for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances companies?
    The cloud-based software of Medical Billing LLC directly connects with Medicaid, Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. We access the balance of the insurance company through one or more clearing houses. Initial scrubbing of the claims for errors is done by our billing software. This scrubbing is essential as insurance companies make it sure that checks should be submitted without any errors.
  15. How will you handle the billing queries?
    We enlist our toll-free number on all patient statements which they can use freely to make any enquiry or to ask questions regarding their bill. We do not have a voicemail or automated attendant to answer patients’ calls. Our professionals will handle their calls in person to solve their queries.