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Key Points You Must Know About Denied and Rejected Claims

You might be wondering how your practice is following up on denied and rejected claims. According to CMS, 1 in 5 practices will see Medicare denials double for 6 months after October 1, 2015. Understanding how your practice is following up on denied and rejected claims now is critical to the success of your revenue cycle. Investing time into your denial management strategy can minimize the impact of ICD-10 on your practice.

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Paperless Solutions For Your Practice

Medical Billing LLC offers your medical practice exceptional customer service, HIPAA compliance, and the latest in medical billing technology.
Say goodbye to underpricing, coding errors, missed charges and unreimbursed claims. Free up your staff for mission critical tasks. Improve the experience for your patients, your staff, and your physicians.

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Why MEDICAL BILLING LLC is a single step Solution to Medical Billing?

MBVA is such kind of team which has half people working on-site in America itself and half of the employees are in India. This may be the reason for our one of the punch line that “We work on your project round-the-clock.”
“We are available here in person” to discuss your business model, understand your internal work flow, help to resolve your issues quickly. Also at the same time we can say it is not a 100% offshore company but their top managing people are available locally.

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ICD-10 is launched; Will Your Medical Billing Department Be Ready?

Number of Diagnosis Codes to Skyrocket from 14,000 to over 69,000 under ICD-10.
The new ICD-10 diagnosis codes take effect on October 1, 2015, and all healthcare providers are required to comply with the new regulations or they may have trouble with insurance reimbursement. These changes in the medical billing practices are significant enough to have caused marked slowdowns in billing and payment in other countries.

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Why should I Outsource my Medical Billing Process?

Medical Billing processes are one of the most complex aspects of any healthcare practice, as any change, minor or major, in the technology or government requirements brings change in the medical billing procedures too. So if a practitioner or physician himself handles this complex job, it definitely affects his regular workflow.

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Selecting a Reliable Medical Billing Service: A Usable Checklist

Choosing and hiring an authenticated and reliable billing company is always crucial for the financial health of a physician or a healthcare provider. Billing companies should be such, which along with maximizing reimbursements, are also complaint with a formal plan and strong structure.

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ICD- 9CM Vs ICD- 10CM codes; What are the Major Differences?

As the countdown to make a shift from ICD-9 CM codes to ICD-10 CM codes has begun, it becomes the need of the hour that the medical billers and coders must be acknowledged about these changes so that they can implement these codes appropriately and effectively. The issues mentioned below would definitely help you to understand the basic difference between these codes:

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Cost Comparison In-house Medical Billing Vs. Outsourced Medical Billing

Continuous reforms and frequent changes in medical industry like EHR transition, PPACA, HIPPA revisions, ACO, ICD-10, ERX and PQRS have embedded the medical billing processes with more complexities which are the needed to be handled by knowledgeable experts. The wages of such experts are on the rise as compared to reimbursement received by the medical practices.

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