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About Medical Billing LLC

Over the years, Medical Billing LLC has been providing most reliable and efficient medical billing services to the healthcare facilities which are even above and beyond the industry standards. Our customized and state-of-art billing services have enabled us to create a difference and have revolutionized the industry. Our medical billing expertises strive relentlessly towards the healthcare claims indebted to your practice. Whatever is the size, volume or speciality of your practice; Medical Billing LLC has the resources and expertise to manage. Medical Billing LLC is a company where you can find the professionalism of a corporation and commitment and personalized attention of a small business.

Our professional billing specialists are well-versed with the inclinations and tendencies of insurance companies and therefore can help you to get what you have earned not what insurance companies have offered. We are dedicated to maximize your revenue by getting you every possible cent of every claim.

We keep our staff abreast with every new medical coding requirements and updates so that they can help you with the stringent and complex coding and billing procedures. All of our billing procedures and processes are in compliance with HIPPA security standards and privacy terms and are executed without interrupting your regular workflow.

With the watchful strategies and avant-garde technologies of Medical Billing LLC, you can;

  • Reimburse quickly
  • Track claims efficiently
  • Pursue unpaid or partially paid claims
  • Minimize denials and create a difference to your bottom line